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Homebrew and Beer:

-- Homebrew Log

-- Brewing Guides (extract and all-grain)

-- Build a "Cheap and Easy" mash tun

---Build a Wort Chiller

-- Build a Stir Plate for yeast starters

-- Muddy Pig Lambic Tasting Seminar

-- Growing Hops 2008

-- Firkin Fest at the Happy Gnome 2009

-- Tour of Summit Brewing Company

-- Midwest Beer Trip 2007

-- Great Taste of the Midwest 2006

-- Tour of Surly Brewing


--More in the Homebrew and Beer Archive



--Utah Snowboarding 2007

--PNW Trip with Big and Mini Don

--Oregon Snowboarding 2006

--Whistler Snowboarding 2005

--Oregon Snowboarding 2004

--London, Fall 2003

--Europe 2002

--Europe 2003

--Europe 2004

--Canada 2005



--by Matt and Don



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-- Making yogurt at home

--Fall 2006 Camping

-- Bicycle commute St. Paul -> Mpls

--MN Wild Game.

--"Pilgrimage" -Lambeau Field trip movie

--Packers-Vikings game pics

--Booze Cruizes

--Pizzas on the grill



-- More in the Misc Archive



--Some of Don's songs

-- Small Cities rock

-- Young Galaxy and the Dears rock

--Amy Millan rocks

--Feist  and Collett Rock

--Wes and the L's Last Show

--M83 rocks

--Walt Mink rocks


--More in the Music Archive



--Skateboarding videos 


CDR Trading:

--My CDR Bootleg Trading List--


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