Update July 2007

Since I first made the pizzas on the grill page (see below) I thought I could add more details.


I can make 4 large pizzas out of a 1.5 lb dough recipe.  This is rolling them fairly thin, so you could probably make a 2 lb recipe and make 4 as well (or 6 smaller ones).


After they are rolled put them on a pan with wax paper separating the crusts.  Put them in the freezer until right before grilling.


It is helpful to get all your topping ingredients ready and bring them to the grill.  Heat the grill on High for 5 minutes or so.


Some of these same ingredients can also be used to make pizza lasagna. Following any lasagna step by step recipe, whether for pizza or conventional lasagna, is usually pretty easy and worth the work.


Turn the grill to Medium.  On the frozen pizza dough, pour some olive oil and brush evenly.   Then put olive-oil side down on the grill.


While the bottom is getting close to being done, put some oil on the top and spread it (this is optional).


This is what it looks like after it is flipped.  A little bit of burn is good, it adds some fun flavor.  But you don't want to get it too black.


Once the pizza is flipped you have to move fast!  Spread the sauce and put the toppings.  You don't want to put a ton of toppings or pile them up too deep as they won't be able to be on the grill long enough to heat through or for the cheese to fully melt.



Here is pizza #1 ready to come off the grill.


When you are cooking on Low heat (with the lid closed!), you want to keep an eye on the bottom of the crust.  It is a balancing act of leaving the pizzas on long enough for the cheese to melt and the toppings to heat, but not so long that the crust gets too dark.  This one looks just about right and the toppings look good too.

Note - if you have to pull it off early to avoid burning the crust, you can always broil the top in your oven.


Pizza #1 ready to come off.


These were the first pizzas of the summer and they turned out great.

Last note - you want to pre-cook anything (chicken, sausage, etc) that can not be eaten raw.  Grilling them this way just heats the toppings and does not really cook them.


Original pictures from 2003 or 2004:


I think any pizza dough recipe would work.  Roll or flatten dough and put in fridge for a while.  The put olive oil on one side and put that side down on a fairly hot grill.  Leave for 3-5 minutes or until brown on bottom.


After flipping, you can put a little more olive oil on if you like.  Then add sauce and toppings.


I turned the heat down a little and closed the lid, but... "whatever werks....!"


The finished product.  The crust can get nice and crispy if you let it.  It also gets slightly charred which adds a nice flavor.