Photo by Gary Osborn.





This and all other photos and videos by James Ford.  Thanks James!


























Video clips with XVID codec. 


01_Prospects.avi  1.5 MB   

Splice of two short clips.


02_Sense_of_Duty.avi  700k


03_My_Old_Man[end].avi  860k 

Very end of the song.


04_Skin.avi  3.4 MB 

Splice of 3 clips.  Ends up being most of the song.


05_My_Girl_is_an_Ornament.avi  1.3 MB


06_[What_We_Found]_In_the_Dirt.avi  1.8 MB 

Splice of 3 clips, including the infamous "sideways" clip in the middle.  HERE is the middle clip rotated to be normal.  840k


07_Talk_Talk.avi  2.2 MB  

Splice of 3 clips.  This is the only song in the set that is not otherwise recorded. 


08_Jose_Canseco.avi  3.8 MB 

The entire song except for the last few seconds.



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