Feist with Jason Collett

January 29, 2006

Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, MN



Jason_Collett-01_We_All_Lose-xvid.AVI   1.45 MB   :28

Jason_Collett-02_dueling_guitars-xvid.AVI  3.9 MB  1:08  This is a good example of some of the dual or triple guitar parts they had written.  Pretty cool stuff.

Jason_Collett-03-xvid.AVI  2 MB   :41

Jason_Collett-04_with_Feist-xvid.AVI  4.24 MB  1:22  Feist joins Jason on stage to sing.

Jason_Collett-05_Ill_Bring_Sun[Feist_on_drums]-xvid.AVI  3.06 MB  :57   I'd seen Feist pound along on a second drum kit on a BSS song, but she is the only drummer on Collett's (probably) catchiest pop rock song.

Overall my friend and I were very impressed with Jason and band's show.  We thought it would be all right, but they brought the rock.  Solid songs, creatively played.





This was the 3rd time I had seen Fest in the last 7 months.  I did not record any videos when I first saw her with a band, so I brought my camera this time.  (HERE are my vids of her solo show). 

Feist-01_new-xvid.AVI  3.7 MB 1:20

Feist-02_Young_Girl-xvid.AVI  4.6 MB  1:37  This one gets pretty rocking.  Good stuff live.

Feist-03_Gatekeeper-xvid.AVI  7.1 MB  2:59  The crowd did the more complicated backup vocal part, and surprised Feist.  She went with it.

Feist-04_Fighting_Away_the_Tears-xvid.AVI  2.13 MB  :50  I like this song.  Nice little vibe.  I recognized it from when she opened for Broken Social Scene.

Feist-05_Secret_Heart-xvid.avi  9.9 MB  3:49  This is a splice of a couple clips.  This is one of my favorite interpretations from the recorded version to a live setting.  Starts quiet, background vocals come in, and eventually it's rocking.

Feist-06_with_guest_guitarist-xvid.AVI  3.35 MB  1:15  I forget the guy's name but he played guitar with Jason Collett.

Feist-07_See_Lion_Woman-xvid.AVI  10 MB  2:59  This song gets pretty jammy at parts.

Feist-08_with_Collett-Major_Label_Debut-xvid.AVI  9.17 MB  3:23   This was a great surprise.  She brought out Jason Collett and explained that when she was last in town with BSS, he was not able to be there.  Thus she felt compelled to give us a dose of some live BSS Feist/Collett action.  This video is a splice of two clips.

Feist-09-Let_it_Die1-xvid.AVI  8.9 MB  3:49  Another edit of two clips.  Feist brought out Jason Collett, and brought a girl on stage to have a slow dance with him.


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