Chris and I dropped Dave off at the airport, and then headed back to Mt. Hood Meadows, where a blizzard was in progress.  They had received 14" of snow in the last 24 hours and more was coming down.

It proved to be quite the experience.  I looked at the report the next day and we had wind gusts over 60 mph, with common gusts being 40-50 mph.  Still, we found some semi-sheltered spots and plenty of deep snow.

The day did not provide for many still pictures, but I did take this VIDEO on the chairlift that gives you a little idea of the wind.  5.05 MB

That night I made my 2nd annual trip to Liquid Solutions, a great store very near Chris and Lane's house.  Click HERE for a different wall panorama of the local and regional beer selection.


One cool thing about Liquid Solutions is Matt keeps his stock in a giant cooler.  This keeps it out of the light and chilled.  His wall of beer allows him to display a single bottle of what he has in his storeroom.  You write on a piece of paper what you want and he goes into the cooler and pulls your order.


Don -- beer buyer.   HERE is a close-up of what I bought and brought back to MN.


That night we went to a cool, new German placed called Gustav's. 


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