This day was probably my favorite of the trip.  Chris was back and the three of us were riding on a blue-sky day.  There was still plenty of powder left to be found.  All around were beautiful winter wonderland scenes.  Click HERE for a larger panorama.


The wind and snow coat the trees with this almost artificial look.



HERE is a video of Chris and his smooth jumping style.  3.57 MB


Dave and Chris and the view.


The building you see is the highest chairlift point on the mountain.  Then one can hike up a bit more for the true top of the mountain (see later pics).  The chairlift building is coated in snow and ice.


I think this picture (and VIDEO  7.48 MB) capture my favorite moment of the trip.  It was near the end of a great day of riding.  We were at the highest point on Mt. Bachelor taking it all in, sitting in the sun, enjoying the view.  In fact, my favorite moments from other snowboarding trips are often sitting on top of the mountain like this.


Three words:  winter play land.  I know it's rough, but someone has to enjoy it.


One great thing about Mt. Bachelor is just when you think you've seen it all, you look up between some trees when taking a break and catch a view like this.


The last picture I took from Mt. Bachelor this year, in the parking lot.  I had noticed the vapor trail at the time, but didn't notice the symmetrical line that kind of forms a V.

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