A little tour of Lake Superior Brewing back in the fall of 2004.    official website


The modest table where we sampled their beers as well as the homebrew we brought.


Look from the table above towards the warehouse/brewery area.


When you come through the door, this is the view to the right.


I think this is the manifold they use in the mash tun.


Lots of cardboard and empty bottles.




Lottie in front of the newer fermenters.  They have flat ones that are the older ones.  Can't remember if they use the older ones for certain batches or not.




I believe this was the filtering device.


It was kind of impressive (and sad?) to see their bottling device.  It's a lot of work to use this kinda old filler. 


Even though it is old and only fills 4 bottles at a time, it seems like this brewery produces a decent amount of bottled beer.  Hats off to them.  Maybe they have upgraded it since end of 2004.



Heavenly glow in the cooler.


Dale the brewer by the, uh, brew kettle.


Self timer shot of 3 guys playing hooky on a Friday afternoon before heading off for more drinking and tom foolery.


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